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      Changzhou Wujin Minghuang Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      Today is:
      Add.: Minghuang Town,Wujin, Changzhou, 
        JiangSu, China
      Tel: +86-519-86536539; +86-13606148116
      Fax: +86-519-86193936
      Contact: Gao Xing
      Email: sales@minghuangchem.com

      Changzhou Wujin Minghuang Chemical Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the manufacture of coal tar series chemicals, including Naphthalene series (1-Chlormethyl Naphthalene, 1-Naphthaldehyde, 1- Naphthylacetonitrile, 1-Naphthylacetic Acid, 1-Naphthylacetamide), Anthracene series (Anthracene, 9-Bromo Anthracene, 9-Anthraldehyde, 9-Anthraoic acid), Phenanthrene series (phenanthrenequinone, 9-bromophenanthrene), Fluorene series (Fluorene, 2-Amino Fluorene) etc., Most of which are exported to the United States, Japan, and Europe.

      We boast top-notch technical force and advanced production techniques.

      We sincerely welcome the cooperation of friends home and abroad for a bright tomorrow!

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